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Specialty Projects

Specialty Projects

Chocolate Factories

When the master of chocolat needed a new chocolate factory, he contacted the master of design and construction, BAM! Builds Commercial

Working together, we delivered a spectacular space where decadent chocolate masterpieces are not only created, but also purveyed, and enjoyed.

Master Chocolate-4.jpg


At BAM! Builds Commercial we have experience designing and building gymnasiums.

Whether you are on a tight budget or have the finances  for more opulent settings, we can demolish, design and build the gymnasium you envisage.

You'll be pleased with yourself for having chosen BAM! as our commercial renovation specialist.


Veterinary Clinics

Do you require the expertise to design and build a veterinary clinic? If so, you've come to the right place.

At BAM! Builds Commercial we have design-built  veterinary clinics from the ground up. Pet hospitals require similar infrastructure as human hospitals, such as additional plumbing, electrical and data requirements.


Make sure you choose an experienced commercial contractor for your veterinary hospital needs.

Vet Clinic-2 4x3 cropped.jpg

Car Washes

A car wash is another example of a business which has specific building requirements. You'll save time and money when you hire a commercial contractor with the experience to steer you away from the pitfalls and guide you towards success.

With numerous successful car wash design-builds our their belt, you'd be wise to make BAM! Builds Commercial your commercial contractor. We do it all, from demolition to design & construction, including sidewalks and paving!

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